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Horizon Academy Trust is an exempt charity regulated by the Secretary of State for Education.

company number 08411590

registered office is C/O Biggin Hill Primary School, Biggin Avenue, Bransholme, Hull, United Kingdom HU7 4RL.

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Biggin Hill Primary

Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage consists of Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) and Foundation Stage 2 (Reception).

We believe the foundation stage makes a crucial contribution to a child’s early development and learning.

Practitioners aim to ensure all children get the right start. We understand all children are unique and develop and learn in different ways. We support children to be resilient, capable, confident and inquisitive as they play and explore, become active learners and develop creative and critical thinking.

We provide a rich variety of teaching and learning experiences that are appropriate to the needs of the child.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is divided into 3 prime and 4 specific areas.

The 7 areas of learning and development are interconnected and equally important to support a rounded, holistic approach to child development. We aim to deliver all the areas through planned, purposeful play, with a balance of adult led and child initiated activities.

Prime Areas:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language
  • Physical development


  • Maths
  • Literacy
  • Understanding of the world
  • Expressive Art and design


Reception Baseline Assessment

Reception Baseline Assessment Information for Parents

The reception baseline assessment (RBA) is a short, task-based assessment of your child’s early literacy, communication, language and mathematics skills when they begin school. It is statutory for all schools from September 2021.

We will complete this assessment within the first 6 weeks of term. The assessment will form the start of a new measure of how schools are helping their pupils to progress between reception and year 6.

Your child does not need to prepare. There is no pass mark or score and your child should not realise they’re doing an assessment.

Once the RBA is fully established, the intention is to make the key stage 1 national curriculum tests and teacher assessments that children currently take at the end of year 2 non-statutory.


Meet the FS1 Teachers


FS1 Teachers (ID 1130)

 Our nursery serves the local community of rising 4s. The nursery is a purpose-built unit consisting of an indoor area, demarcated into specific learning zones and an enclosed garden area. The outdoor area is a very large space with key learning areas and a forest area for the children to play, explore, manage risks and develop their large gross motor skills.

The nursery has 104 part-time places. In September 2019 the nursery increased early education entitlement / 30-hour provision for eligible parents/carers. If you think you are eligible for the 30-hour funding please contact the school office for more information. These places are reviewed on a termly basis.

Ivy and Kacey

I'm reading the hungry caterpillar, an egg on a leaf - Ivy

The giant says fe fi fo fum - Kacey


I'm on the telephone my mum


Look I've made a birthday cake for Harry


Meet the FS2 Teachers


Our FS2 has 90 places with attractive classrooms a comfortable snack area, creative lab and cosy reading areas. Our outside space well designed into different learning and playing areas and we have a popular go-kart track.

Oliver and Harrison

We both have 5 and when we put them together it's 55.


Drawing is my favourite and I am really good at it. I have drawn my house and it have a chimney for Santa and some green green trees in my garden.

Henley and Oliver

Look at me and Henley playing tennis, I can bat the ball - Oliver


Miss Beech I have drawn the Number Blocks, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

 At Biggin Hill Primary school, we teach themes through play and exploration supported by outstanding adult-interaction. We believe effective learning builds on and extends what the children know and can do. Our topic planning shows how the principles of the EYFS will be put into practice and is always informed by observations and assessments we have made of the children, considering their current interests, development and learning. All practitioners who work in the Foundation Stage at Biggin Hill are involved in this process. Key texts for each theme prioritise developing children's language and extending their vocabulary. SMSC and British values weave throughout each topic area.
The EYFS curriculum is carefully planned to ensure that it is relevant to the school context and the intent, implementation and impact of all lessons meets the varied needs of all groups or learners. Children with SEND are fully integrated, where possible, into the whole school. Practitioners identify and assess the pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) as early as possible through screening and careful observations of the children. Staff have excellent partnerships with parents/carers in order that their knowledge, views and experience can assist us in assessing and providing for their children. Outside agencies work closely with the setting to provide additional support for the school and parents.

Medium Term Plans and Topic Overview Sheets

Please click on the explanding clock to view the relevant medium term plans and topic overview sheets.

Nursery Medium Term Plans 

Autumn 1- All about me  Autumn 2- Celebrations

Spring 1- Into the woods Spring 2- Down on the farm

Summer 1- Wild Animals Summer 2- By the sea 

Nursery Topic Overview Sheets

Autumn 1- All about me Autumn 2- Celebrations 

Spring 1- In the woodsSpring 2- Down on the farm Summer 1- Wild AnimalsSummer 2- By the sea

Reception Medium Term Plans

Autumn 1- Magical Me Autumn 2- Celebrations 

Spring 1- The world all around us

Spring 2- Adventures above and below the clouds

 Summer 1- Growing 

Summer 2- Great Outdoors 

FS2 Maths Long Term Plan 


Reception Topic Overview Sheets

Autumn 1- Magical me Autumn 2- Celebrations 

Spring 1- The world all around us

Spring 2- Adventures above and below the clouds  Summer 1- Growing 

Summer 2- Great Outdoors 


Early Years Foundation Stage Long Term Plan

Parents as Partners

We welcome parents into our setting and have an open-door policy. We have weekly play and stay sessions in FS1 and parent mornings in FS2. We also have a variety of workshops, events, assemblies and performances throughout the year where we love to show off our achievements and our learning.

Key Foundation Stage Information

FS2 Information Booklet

FS1 Information Booklet

EYFS Policy

Other EFYS Policies and risk assessments are available on request.

Class Timetables